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Granular Metering Systems

COM 70-2

Metering system COM 70-2 or
COM 70-3 with 2 or 3 conveying vessels can serve several mixers or pre-weigh several color batches parallel. For pigment discharge on demand without delay.


The new precision metering system, MINI-COM meets the highest requirements in accuracy. Designed in particular for face mix applications in the paver industry, where small concrete batches require small dosages of colors with extreme accuracy. The MINI-COM can meter with one-gram accuracy to create that special color shade your client wants, batch after batch! MINI-COM utilizes exchangeable containers with one to four individual compartments.

COM 70-1

The MINI-COM system is a precision metering system for granule, which allows for +/- 1 g (0.04 oz) accuracy. It can be integrated in an existing colour system. The MINI-COM meters the small quantities of 20 - 200 g (0,7 - 7 oz) in a very small precision scale and adds them to the 200 g - 30 kg of the Big-Bag system. The MINI-COM system can also be used as a stand-alone unit.

COM 70-6

The new metering system COM 70-6 can weigh 6 different color batches and keep them on stand-by for immediate use. This is ideal for 6 different colors in one or two face mixers and a base mixer, or for a plant with up to 6 mixers using colors.

Ideal for color-mix production.

Powder-/Granule Metering System FLEX 70

Pneumatic dust-free metering of dry pigment for coloring of all kinds of concrete products. Flexible use of inexpensive powder pigment, compact pigment or granules.

Mixing Tanks

Mixing Tanks MDI are suitable for the production of iron oxide based pigment color slurry and microsilica slurry - Powerful stainless steel agitator - Automatic water meter - Pneumatic diaphragm pump or peristaltic pump - Stainless steel tank on request - For Big-Bags or paper bags (25 kg/55 lbs) 

Electronic Liquid Weighers

- Acryl glass weighing cylinders for visual control - Optional stainless steel cylinders are resistant to aggressive chemical admixtures - Pump or gravity discharge - Range of cylinder sizes: 5-15-30- 50-100 liters (1.3-4-8-13-26 gal)
Dosing accuracy ± 0,1 % max. weight


Who we are 

Wuerschum North America Inc. is the 100% daughter company of the German company Wuerschum GmbH, which has been developing and manufacturing pigment dispensers for over 50 years. With our long standing reputation of highest quality and accuracy, innovation, and customer satisfaction we are dedicated to serve our many North American customers in the future.


Since 1961 we develop and manufacture a wide range of metering systems and filling machines. In 1998 we set up a quality management system according to ISO 9001, so we can offer you high quality products and service in the future. In 2015 we celebrated the opening of a new production facility with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our machines are used in: Concrete industry, Chemical industry, Pharma, Cosmetics, Food, Paint. We export directly to over 50 countries worldwide and have representatives in the following countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, France, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Benelux, Poland, Romania, South America, Russia, South Africa, Middle East, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.


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